Friday, December 3, 2010

ATTACK OF THE 50ft REELS • DEC 9th • 7:30pm Egyptian Theater

Info about my film and thoughts and inspiration.
I write a lot and get a little too geeky excited about these things so bear with me.

Yes, this being the last year of Kodachrome was the main drive and inspiration for my film.
I had a huge collection of Kodachrome slides back that were created from the 50-60's that I found at garage sales.
I would go through these gorgeous saturated slides and project them at events I had at my photography studio back in the 90's.
I have always had an admiration and love for Kodachrome. My trade is fashion photography and my main creative part of shooting is using color
to its full advantage and sometimes the theme in all my shots. Having a chance to film Kodachrome and seeing it on the "Big Screen" is such
a dream and feels unreal to be a part of the Hollywood moment!

The main theme of my film was to use lots of bright saturated colors, props, backgrounds and one of my favorite unique beautiful doll like models,  Bri Knickerbocker.
And with the help of talented make-up artist Sabrina Mae she brought life and changed colors of Bri's make-up when objects would touch her face through parts of the film.

I wanted to start off the film with less color at credits then "BOOM" have that Kodachrome color come to life and take over the screen almost like "The Wizard of Oz"
how the first part of the film was shot in black in white / sepia and then when Oz appears it's this Bright TECHNICOLOR pop of a dreamy color fantasy. So when given the news
from Norwood Cheek that the show this year was the ode to the last days of Kodachrome and the shows main theme...I was ecstatic!

My main fun with super 8 films for Attacks in the past has been using stop animated film with small objects floating spinning and moving around subject in a playful way.
I was a big into watching and collecting music videos in the 80's... so my films have that music video eye candy appeal more than a narrative.
My theme was seasons from spring , sun, wind, elements, rain, etc. A talented New York vocalist and musician and friend of mine Angelo provided me with the soundtrack which
I thought to be perfect for the tempo and added music to describe all the different weather you go through in a relationship.

Filming Kodachrome is a super challenge in a studio setting because of the ISO only being 64. I had to use 4 powerful hotlights. There is a reason they call them hotlights with a model laying underneath these lights for hours
makes it a little tricky with the heat. I also had a camera malfunction at the beginning of my film ( sometimes a problem using older cameras from the 60's) but then rented  a great camera from Keith at Yale Film and Video.
So two hours later resumed shooting the rest of the film, thank heaven it was a super small crew, model, make-up artist, and me.

Hope this is enough info!
Here is my sample of my film poster

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NOVEMBER 15 • filmed Super 8 Movie for Attack of the 50 ft Reels for Egyptian theater

Filmed the last Roll of Kodachrome super 8 film I will ever shoot in my life. Kodachrome film has been expired for years and the only lab in the world that develops it has announced December 2010 will be it's last year of developing the wonderful and unique colorful film.

I had the chance to shoot the last roll given to me by Filmmaker Norwood Cheek. He is putting on a Kodachrome film festival at the Egyptian theater here in Hollywood and is showing 15 selected filmakers
for his 10th annual " Attack of the 50 ft Reels" showing December 9th at about 7:00.

I worked with a fantastic small crew. Film Stars beautiful and creative "Bri Knickerbocker" and  the talented Sabrina Mae contributed her make-up and hair artistry.

Here are some sneaks peeks of some of the film

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NOV 3rd• Victor Douieb Shoot• awesome sculptor

Photographed french sculptor Victor Douieb and his beautiful lifelike sculptures of sharks, and other sea life, along with land animals.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct 30 • Water shoot • Nica & Chelsea

Halloween night photographed shoot with model Chelsea from Vegas and Make-up artist Nica.
we decided to go with a heavier make-up look with water drips and a wet feel in the foreground and in the end on hair and face.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oct 28 • Nally & Millie shoot • Hollywood

Photographed Look book for Nally and Millie shoot in Hollywood. Was excited to work with the awesome but lovely model Sydney from Photogenics media. My favorite stylist Arturo Chavez (, Fantastic hair and make-up artist Monika Monroe. Great PR company Dorothy Mannfolk PR. Shots came out beautifully thanks to a great team.
behind the scenes here below:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

HAIR • HAIR • the theme for November

So this October I have never been so surrounded with so many discussions about hair, movies about hair, interviews with famous hair stylists. It's like hair is following me this month. I can't stop thinking about it. I think November I will need to dedicate some shoots based on "hair".
Let's see what happens.............

Oct 21 • Michael Freeby Shoot

Photographed Michael Freeby today in the studio. It was a crazy day trying to get more wardrobe to make the shoot more editorial. We had wardrobe by Trever Raines. My favorite was his " Meat Shirt" which reminded me of Mark Ryden paintings whom I admire.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bailey 44 Shoot • Look Book

Bailey 44 Lookbook shoot today. Check out their beautiful and creative pieces!

Monday, October 18, 2010

RABBIT theory shoot • OCT 18

What a spectacular shoot today in the studio. My fanciest since my move and my first really themed out shoot that I want to produce as a magazine submission. I worked for the first time with fabulous creatives Noel Nichols ( MUA ) and Beatrice De Jong ( Hair Stylist). I Also Worked with Talented Manicurist Tracy Clemens and models Heather from Next and Laine whom I shot with last week.
The shots, make-up, hair, and nails are amazing. All involved put their talent forward to create a spectacular shoot! So happy with the results already.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alexa Shoot • Fusion Models NYC • OCT 17

Photographed the beautiful and sweet Model Alexa of Fusion models today, she was an absolute delight to work with..Fabulous and charming hair and make-up artist Gaelle Secretin created full and wavy natural looking hair.  We shot on this relaxed and quite evening in my downtown studio. I have been wanting to do a beauty shoot with braided hair. This was my first attempt. In the future I a series of braids for my next shoot is in order.

Friday, October 15, 2010

RUBY SUMMER Photoshoot • Oct 15

Really great day today photographing the sister duo Ruby Summer from Carlsbad California. Two gorgeous young girls with fabulous voices. These girls are portray a fashionable chic style while displaying a feminine strength and comfort.
Make-up done by Alexis Ellen.
Hair by Monika Monroe. Ruby and Summer have a knack for fashion also. All clothes were styled by them. Mostly a mixture of vinatge and modern wear.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

FUSION model• Kevin

Photographed Kevin in studio today.Shot with different gelled light and hard specular light

Monday, October 11, 2010

Male Model Shoot For FUSION models • CHRIS

Had a great shoot in the studio with Chris from FUSION models and Kevin from FUSION.
Full range of lighting from Mola, natural light, strobed strong single light, gelled light, rim light, hair light.
Played with action shots and men's styling. I think I need a new lens for my H2 Hasselblad. I love my 12Omm and hate my 80mm.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

LAINE • Oct 8th • Downtown studio

Photographed the beautiful Laine today. She came over to the studio for a couple hours to shoot a small test. We didn't have a MUA or any other creatives. I decided to do a more RAW look with her at first. We shot with my new backdrop pulley system that was installed yesterday. Actually had a chance to test different lighting.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SEPT 30 • MARGAUX SHOOT • elite models

Hot day's been in the 90's-113 here in LA this weekend last. Photographed my first natural light shoot in the new studio with the gorgeous Margaux from Elite Models. Worked for the first time with Bethany Ruck make-up artist and hair stylist. We work fast for a 4 hour shoot. But the shots came out incredible. unretouched photos.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BRIANA • La Models • Beauty Test SEPT 20

fantastic beauty test today. 1st official shoot in the new studio. great team: Alexis Ellen MUA • Jessyca Clendenin HAIR • Tracy Clemens NAIL ARTIST • Briana LA MODELS. Story based off glossy and matte looks.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Took a 2 hour ride to fantastic El Mirage dry lake bed in Mojave Desert. Juliet  kept Gemma's make-up clean with a focus on lip color which changed with each outfit.Gemma flew in from France a couple weeks ago and we scheduled a small test shoot during her visit. The shoot lasted about 2.5 hours and the planes and bikes in our backgrounds kept it exciting.


Shoot on wednesday "Off Pico Studios" Los Angeles. 4 beauty looks for the December Prom issue.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

NEW STUDIO DOWNTOWN !!!!! Loving it!

So this week finally moved into my new studio downtown.
312 West 5th Street • Los Angeles • CA 90013
fantastic!!! Can't wait to have my first shoot there. You never
realize how much stuff you have til you move...and I'm a mini-
malist, darn it!!! How does one person accumulate so many
things?I will be contacting model agencies this week to start
doing some new lighting tests in the new space. It's been exactly
a year since I haven't had my own studio so I think I am going to
go crazy the first week.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quotations George Bernard Shaw


"You see things and say why? I dream things and say, why not?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bailey 44

First shoot of the month August 03, 2010 Bailey 44 LOOK BOOK 
and web images, along with showroom signage.Photographed with amazing hair and make-up artist
Monika Monroe and awesome model Allie from Photogenics Media. We shot at McCadden Spacestudio in Awesome Styling by Shelli and her assistant Paula.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog News

Looking forward to blogging on a weekly basis. Lots going on with the "BIG" move to downtown. New shoots scheduled for September and October already and planning a whole new website renewal before the end of the year.


Allie from LA Models photographed in my home in Mount Washington.
One of the last photos taken in my house before my move.


Alex from La Models photographed in my house in Mount Washington.
Make-up and Hair done by Monika Monroe styling by Angel


Hello everyone! Welcome to my first Blog site of Kim Grisco Photography. Now you will be able to view and read about my current photshoots and documentations of my creative productions.