Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NOVEMBER 15 • filmed Super 8 Movie for Attack of the 50 ft Reels for Egyptian theater

Filmed the last Roll of Kodachrome super 8 film I will ever shoot in my life. Kodachrome film has been expired for years and the only lab in the world that develops it has announced December 2010 will be it's last year of developing the wonderful and unique colorful film.

I had the chance to shoot the last roll given to me by Filmmaker Norwood Cheek. He is putting on a Kodachrome film festival at the Egyptian theater here in Hollywood and is showing 15 selected filmakers
for his 10th annual " Attack of the 50 ft Reels" showing December 9th at about 7:00.

I worked with a fantastic small crew. Film Stars beautiful and creative "Bri Knickerbocker" and  the talented Sabrina Mae contributed her make-up and hair artistry.

Here are some sneaks peeks of some of the film

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NOV 3rd• Victor Douieb Shoot• awesome sculptor

Photographed french sculptor Victor Douieb and his beautiful lifelike sculptures of sharks, and other sea life, along with land animals.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct 30 • Water shoot • Nica & Chelsea

Halloween night photographed shoot with model Chelsea from Vegas and Make-up artist Nica.
we decided to go with a heavier make-up look with water drips and a wet feel in the foreground and in the end on hair and face.