Friday, December 3, 2010

ATTACK OF THE 50ft REELS • DEC 9th • 7:30pm Egyptian Theater

Info about my film and thoughts and inspiration.
I write a lot and get a little too geeky excited about these things so bear with me.

Yes, this being the last year of Kodachrome was the main drive and inspiration for my film.
I had a huge collection of Kodachrome slides back that were created from the 50-60's that I found at garage sales.
I would go through these gorgeous saturated slides and project them at events I had at my photography studio back in the 90's.
I have always had an admiration and love for Kodachrome. My trade is fashion photography and my main creative part of shooting is using color
to its full advantage and sometimes the theme in all my shots. Having a chance to film Kodachrome and seeing it on the "Big Screen" is such
a dream and feels unreal to be a part of the Hollywood moment!

The main theme of my film was to use lots of bright saturated colors, props, backgrounds and one of my favorite unique beautiful doll like models,  Bri Knickerbocker.
And with the help of talented make-up artist Sabrina Mae she brought life and changed colors of Bri's make-up when objects would touch her face through parts of the film.

I wanted to start off the film with less color at credits then "BOOM" have that Kodachrome color come to life and take over the screen almost like "The Wizard of Oz"
how the first part of the film was shot in black in white / sepia and then when Oz appears it's this Bright TECHNICOLOR pop of a dreamy color fantasy. So when given the news
from Norwood Cheek that the show this year was the ode to the last days of Kodachrome and the shows main theme...I was ecstatic!

My main fun with super 8 films for Attacks in the past has been using stop animated film with small objects floating spinning and moving around subject in a playful way.
I was a big into watching and collecting music videos in the 80's... so my films have that music video eye candy appeal more than a narrative.
My theme was seasons from spring , sun, wind, elements, rain, etc. A talented New York vocalist and musician and friend of mine Angelo provided me with the soundtrack which
I thought to be perfect for the tempo and added music to describe all the different weather you go through in a relationship.

Filming Kodachrome is a super challenge in a studio setting because of the ISO only being 64. I had to use 4 powerful hotlights. There is a reason they call them hotlights with a model laying underneath these lights for hours
makes it a little tricky with the heat. I also had a camera malfunction at the beginning of my film ( sometimes a problem using older cameras from the 60's) but then rented  a great camera from Keith at Yale Film and Video.
So two hours later resumed shooting the rest of the film, thank heaven it was a super small crew, model, make-up artist, and me.

Hope this is enough info!
Here is my sample of my film poster

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